Catch and Release in Prospect Park

Fish School NYC offers all inclusive private fishing trips in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, to get kids and families fishing. 

Target species include bluegill, part of the sunfish family, which are huge in number in the park.  Occasionally, largemouth bass have also been caught, which are more rare in the park but great fighters. Fishing is entirely catch and release. 

Not only will kids get a great experience fishing Brooklyn’s only lake, but they will also learn about aquatic life and ecology, fish handling, knot tying, how to use a fishing rod, and more!


All Inclusive Private Fishing Trips

To ensure a fun experience, trips are limited to 3 people fishing

  • $25 per hour per person fishing 
  • includes all fishing equipment for use during trip (see below)


Please email me to schedule a fishing trip:


Rods, Reels, and Gear

All fishing equipment is supplied for use on the trip and is tailored to each specific angler. I will match the appropriate equipment to your party’s needs.  The following equipment is available:

  • 3 foot Zebco Dock Demon spincast (pushbutton) rods (ages 4-6) 
  • 3 foot Ugly Stick Dock Runner spinning rods (ages 6 and up) 
  • 6 foot bass spinning rods (for more experienced anglers) 
  • Super needle hooks 
  • Gamakatsu circle hooks 
  • Bobbers 
  • Natural and artificial bait


Meeting Point

I will meet families at a convenient spot in or near Prospect Park arranged upon booking.


Book Your Fishing Trip

Please email me to schedule a fishing trip: